MEDAR Funet media archive

Metadata schemas used in Medar

Funet-TV uses the following XML schemas for storing it's information. They were created as part of the Medar II project for developing a metadata based media-archive interface. These are heavily influenced by the Dublin Core, ViDe User's Guide: Dublin Core Application Profile for Digital Video, LOM and MPEG-7 standardization work. These can be used in several different ways and combined recursively or broken to separate documents depending on the current needs, performance and implementation issues. Especially the LOM functionality is an add-on that came on in a new project that may or may not be used in a particular implementation.

Bear in mind that especially DC is not designed just for video so the semantics may need some figuring out. On the other hand, these metadata definitions could be used to describe any kinds of objects from books to software especially if you ignore the video specific elements. Of course you might then want to use different input and output formats which could be done with applying different XSLT transformations to create desired XHTML pages (or WML, LOM, Open Archives compatible DC etc.).

These schema definitions were automatically generated by the schema documentation generator of the TIBCO Turbo XML schema editor and may change if necessary. The diagrams require a SVG plugin, but the same information is also in textual form so you can do without them as well. A good XML schema editor to view the .xsd files interactively would probably be the best option to view them.

Some examples of these schemas in use can be found in our medar database. The funet-tv schema should be referenced in XML documents or validation tools with the following URI: "". For more information, please contact Harri Salminen at CSC.