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Addressing an IP packet

Warriors of the Net

Niklas Hanberger, Gunilla Elam, Thomas Stephansson, Monte Reid

mpeg-1 (tiedosto)

Kieli: en
Kesto: 00:12:40
Avainsanat: IP, router, switch, firewall
Lisätietoja: manuscript
Luontiajankohta:  2002-11-18

A computer animated movie visualizing how IP technology is used to build the internet

This story shows how Mr. IP helps to connect different parts of the internet together and vividly visualizes terms like router, switch and firewall.

Oikeudet: Copyright 2002 Gunilla Elam, Tomas Stephanson, Niklas Hanberger All rights reserved However, any person is hereby authorised to view, copy and distribute this material provided that: The material is used for information purposes and non-commercial use only. All clips are shown in their full length including the copyright notice. the material is not modified, revised or reencoded in any manner. reference to the Warriors of the Net web site is made when the material is used. Any other use is prohibited, for commercial use visit their commercial page