MEDAR - Funetin media-arkisto

History of the Internet

Harri K. Salminen

html + mpeg-1

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Laji: Collection
Avainsanat: history, internet, funet
Lisätietoja: The World Wide Web: History and Hope, The Background to the Internet: A Personal Interpretation
Luontiajankohta:  1999-04-09

A compact history of the Internet and Funet

This history has been compiled by Harri K. Salminen originally for an exhibition in the Heureka science center. It contains few 2Mbit/s MPEG-1 video clips that are available either via Mediabase or ftp

Oikeudet: Copyrights are held by CSC and others mentioned in the sources section of the history. Use and reference is free on the internet.