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How CSC became CSC?


Kieli: en
Laji: video
Kesto: 00:13:39
Avainsanat: history
Luontiajankohta:  2004-07-16

A Univac 1108 mainframe computer was purchased for Finnish researchers in 1970 with the financial support of the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development (Sitra). The machine was installed on the premises of the Finnish State Computer Centre where a new Operational Unit 2 (KT2) was established. That unit has become CSC, the Finnish IT center for science. The Univac was supposed to fulfill the computing needs of the universities for the next 30 years. But like other supercomputers thereafter, it became obsolete in few years. However, Finnish researchers had to wait until 1989 for a real supercomputer, a Cray XMP. New people were hired to support the computer users and to operate the Finnish university and research network. On this video, CSC's retired Managing Director Matti Ihamuotila and academy professor Risto Nieminen recall the early years of CSC

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