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The Needs and possibilities of Computational Chemistry in Pharmacokinetics

Dr. Marjo Yliperttula


Kieli: en
Laji: video
Kesto: 00:28:12
Luontiajankohta:  2006-10-23

One of the most challenging targets of pharmacokinetic modeling is to be able to predict the drug behaviour (e.g. solubility, absorption) in physiological conditions based on its molecular structure and physicochemical properties. The predictions, simulation models and in vivo and in vitro correlation models can then be further used in the tuning of the pharmacokinetic properties, plasma profile, drug release etc. by structural manipulation of the drug. This way kinetic models can be increasingly used in planning animal testing and their optimisation. Modern and easy to use modelling programs enable and promote the use sketched above as a natural part of experimental pharmacokinetics.

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