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User Mobility

Miroslav Milinovich, Stig Venaas, Andrei Gurtov, Hans Wallberg


Kieli: en
Laji: video
Avainsanat: Security
Luontiajankohta:  2008-04-11

Miroslav Milinovich's presentation provides information about eduroam's transition to a managed European service. Current results and future plans of eduroam service activity inside GEANT2 project and beyond are discussed. Stig Venaas will explain issues concerning RADIUS, what RadSec is about, and how it solves the above problems. Other benefits, and the current state of implementations and standardisation will also be discussed. Andrei Gurtov's talk presents research topics of the NordicHIP project: Using DNS as an access protocol for mapping host identifiers to locators, interfamily handovers, HIP privacy management, and NodeID++ architecture.

Sisältää osana: Eduroam as a managed European service, RadSec - A better RADIUS protocol, NordicHIP

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