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Growing Pains

Ole Trĝan, Olivier Martin, Peter Villemoes


Language: en
Type: video
Keywords: ipv6
Created:  2008-04-09

Ole Trĝan's presentation will look at the reasons why IPv6 has failed, the required changes to IPv6 transitioning in a network without a free pool of IPv4 addresses and what is likely to happen with the Internet if we continue without transitioning at all. After a fairly extensive review of the state of the Commercial and Research & Education Internet, the problematic behind the, still hypothetic, IPv4 to IPv6 migration will be examined in detail by Peter Villemoes. A short review of the ongoing efforts to re-design the Internet in a clean-slate approach will then be made.

Has part: Who gets the last IPv4 address, and what then?, State of the Internet and challenges ahead

Is part of: NORDUnet 2008