MEDAR Funet media archive


<language> fi </language>
<family> Ylš-Herttuala </family>
<given> Seppo </given>
<orgname> Kuopion yliopisto </orgname>
<url> </url>
<role> professori </role>
<title> Geeniterapia </title>
<abstract> </abstract>
<keyframe alt = "A sample keyframe from the video" src = "" > </keyframe>
<icon alt = "An icon created from the sample keyframe" height = "36" src = "" width = "44" > </icon>
<keyword> geeniterapia </keyword>
<type> image </type>
<hour> 0 </hour>
<minute> 26 </minute>
<second> 23 </second>
<year> 1999 </year>
<month> 10 </month>
<day> 09 </day>
<medium accessmode = "stream" >
<encoding scheme = "IMT" > application/x-sgimb </encoding>
<encoding scheme = "codec" > mpeg-1 </encoding>
<identifier> </identifier>
<status> available </status>
<packageid> mb2xml </packageid>

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The description of the metadata schema used in the Funet-TV media-archive