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Enterprise Forum 2001


The Enterprise Forum philosophy Enterprise Forum is expected to give a glance into the world the top executives live in. In Enterprise Forum, the people who make the decisions are brought together to discuss the issues they are facing, the topics that are in central role in the formation of our future. The aim of Enterprise Forum is to help the students and other spectators understand the world of business and politics, what is going on, who makes things happen, and how decisions are made. In the Enterprise Forum seminars we can meet these persons live and hear how they see the world.

What is Enterprise Forum?

Appearing first in the world and arranged every year since 1973, Enterprise Forum sessions have gained a lot of interest and publicity by providing the leaders of the business and political worlds with the opportunity to discuss the topics of today. During the latest years Enterprise Forum has covered topics such as the European Union, the transition process in Russia, the Internet and changes that different industries are undergoing. The insights into these questions are provided by the people who are in charge of the answering themselves.

This year's seminar coincided with the Venturecup 2000 which also provided many interesting presentations about entepreneurship. You may also be interested in the Enterprise Forum 2000 with other distinguished speakers.

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Enterprise Forum 2001

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Mergers and Management Buy-outs: Transforming Existing Business and Industries
Mikael Lilius, Jyrki Perttunen, ...
Päiväys: 2001-03-29    Kieli: en    Kesto: 01:55:05
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My work as an Executive in the Telecommunications Industry
Sari Baldauf, Tuomo Lähdesmäki, ...
Päiväys: 2001-03-01    Kieli: en    Kesto: 02:04:24
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Role of CEO Small and Entrepreneurial Company
Hannu Turunen, Robert Rasmus
Päiväys: 2001-02-08    Kieli: en    Kesto: 01:40:34
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My Work as a CEO Private Company
Juha Rantanen, Pekka Sivonen, ...
Päiväys: 2001-02-01    Kieli: en    Kesto: 02:00:53
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