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Computational Science Crossing the Disciplines

CSC, Life Science Center, Keilaniemi, Espoo, Finland


Computational science is needed to solve complex scientific problems in all areas of research, for example in biotechnology, Earth sciences, and nanosciences. Recent advances in IT technology for science make it possible to model and analyze previously intractable problems. The need to develop computational science in Finland should be acknowledged so that the competitiveness of the research community can be maintained. The Finnish research community needs to collaborate to strengthen computational science especially in cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary research. There should be a clear roadmap on developing the expertise and the needed infrastructure on the national and international level so that Finland can make an impact in helping to solve the big research problems of the future.

CSC invites the scientific community in Finland to take part in this cross-disciplinary seminar, which aims to generate discussion about the possibilities and needs of computational science. The seminar is targeted to academic researchers at universities and research institutions. The keynote speakers are: Prof. Gunnar von Heijne, Stockholm University Prof. Karsten Jacobsen, Technical University of Denmark Prof. Heikki Mannila, University of Helsinki We wish to show the benefits of computational science especially related to internationally competitive cross-disciplinary scientific research. In addition, in May, 2006 CSC will organize a second seminar which aims to present the conclusions of the seminar to the representatives of the funding organizations and the ministries to discuss the needs of computational science, especially concerning the IT infrastructure for science.

Keywords: computational science

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Case studies in optimizing HPC software
Jan Westerholm
Date: 2006-03-21    Language: en    Duration: 00:23:00
Perspectives in Computational Earth System Sciences
Aike Beckmann
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Welcome and Introduction
Juha Haataja
Date: 2006-03-21    Language: en    Duration: 00:28:14
New computational tools for wave modeling
Tomi Huttunen
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Software development and nanosciences
Karsten Jacobsen
Date: 2006-03-21    Language: en    Duration: 00:25:50
Challenges in data management and analysis
Heikki Mannila
Date: 2006-03-21    Language: en    Duration: 00:28:53
Perspectives in the Computational Modeling of Biological Systems
Ilpo Vattulainen
Date: 2006-03-21    Language: en    Duration: 00:16:18
A Grand Challenge of Computational Fluid Dynamics: Simulation of Turbulence
Timo Siikonen
Date: 2006-03-21    Language: en    Duration: 00:23:59
Pipettes and CPUs - the Ying and Yang of modern biology
Gunnar von Heijne
Date: 2006-03-21    Language: en    Duration: 00:15:08
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